Gabriel de Freitas Ferreira (b. 1991), also known as Gabe Ferreira, is a Brazilian-born, San Francisco-based multidisciplinary designer interested in the intersection of design and technology, art, and the human condition and existence in society.

Gabe is always seeking to produce muitas novidades, though not always for pronta entrega.

He works on visual identity projects, designs and develops websites, writes, lays out books, art directs magazine covers, delivers digital products, creates conceptual pieces (sculptures, posters, clocks), helps businesses, and, most importantly, lives a happy life.

Since graduating from California State University Long Beach, Gabe’s worked at AdamsMorioka, NJ(L.A.)™, SYPartners, VBP Orange, COLLINS, IDW, and Landor in addition to consulting with several clients through his own practice.

In February 2017, he partnered with Ro Oeurn and Brian Mark to found NOW OPEN, a “design” studio.

You can get in touch with Gabe by writing an e-mail in English, Portuguese, German, and soon, Spanish, to

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